RICHARD LINKLATER: dream is destiny


3/16 fri 20:00[Himawari Budo-jo]

RICHARD LINKLATER: dream is destiny

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Richard Linklater is one of the filmmakers representing Hollywood and also a versatile one having attracted movie fans with the films like 'Boyhood' 'Before Sunset' and 'School of Rock'. He debuted in 1988 and his career in the film industry reaches thirty years this year. The documentary 'dream is destiny' explores his life story through lens. It features his handwritten diaries which he has kept inspired by Tolstoy as well as interviews with his fellow creators and big names of the screen. The film mingles them with the actual filming scenes and attempts to highlight work and life of Linklater who always be a challenger in film making.
Linklater spend his childhood in a rural town where there's only one cinema. He was granted a sport scholarship in university and had been immersed in playing baseball, but at one point he came to know movie production and since then devoted himself into films.


Linklater's talent widely flourished in the 1990s, having won the Berlin Film Festival Silver Bear Award for Best Director for 'Before Sunrise'. Now his working field covers both independent cinema and Hollywood.

His creative and innovative film making as well as ample imagination is a must watch.

Cast & Staff

Louis Black, Karen Bernstein
Alan Berg, Louis Black, Abe Zimmerman, John McCall & Amy McCall
Karen Bernstein, Dawn Johnson
[EDITOR] Nevie Owens
[VFX/ANIMATION] Mike Nicholson
[ASSISTANT EDITOR] Nina Vizcarrondo
[COMPOSER] Graham Reynolds

Sandra Adair
Patricia Arquette
Jack Black
Ellar Coltrane
Julie Delpy
Jonathan Demme
Ethan Hawke
Tyler Hoechlin
Blake Jenner
Richard Linklater
Matthew McConaughey
Tommy Pallotta
Glen Powell

Directer's Profile

Louis Black (director): co-founder of The Austin Chronicle, the independent newsweekly established in 1980; also one of the founders of South by Southwest (SXSW) when it was launched in 1987; has worked as producer for numerous documentaries.

Karen Bernstein (co-director): A well-known documentary director. In the 1990s, she has produced 'American Masters' series for PBS and received a Grammy Award for 'Lou Reed: Rock and Roll Heart'.


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