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2017/ENGLISH (JAPANESE subtitles)/140min/Kino Films / Kinoshita Group


There is a the most exclusive poker game with the client list of world famous Hollywood stars.  The starting bet is 10,000 dollars (approx. 100 million yen).  You can not have even a peek without the owner’s invitation though you put a bunch of cash.  The salon sounds like an urban legend and was is owned by Molly Bloom, 26 years old single woman without backing up.  After the enjoying the glory, she is arrested by FBI for hosting illegal game.  Her lawyer gets to know that the woman in front of him is not such a person written in tabloids.


Based on the bestseller memoir written by Molly in 2014.  Aaron Sorkin’s directorial debut who won the Academy Award ® for Best Adapted Screenplay for “The Social Network”.  Jessica Chastain plays Molly, who was nominated for the Academy Awards® for “The Help” and “Zero Dark Thirty”.  The film was nominated for the Golden Globes in the Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama and in the Best Screen play – Motion Picture.

Cast & Staff

[Director / Writer]
Aaron Sorkin
Mark Gordon
Amy Pascal
Matt Jackson
[Executive Producer]
Leopoldo Gout
Jessica Chastain
Idris Elba
Kevin Costner
Michael Cera

Directer's Profile

Born in New York in 1961.  He debuted as a dramatist of the Broadway at his age of 28.  “A Few Good Men” was nominated for 4 Academy Awards® including the Best Picture and he wrote for a number of the films after this blockbuster hit.  In 2011, with “The Social Network”, he won many awards of screenplay including the Academy Award® and the Golden Globe.

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