3/16 fir 16:00 [Himawari 1F Budo-jo] 3/17 sat 15:30 [Himawari 4F]




2017/ENGLISH subtitle/11min,52sec

A black Labrador retriever dog named Sonia.
Her owner loved her so much.
The two of them were always together.
They went out for walk every day even it is rain or snow.

One day, the owner fell ill.
Sonia looked at her owner from the outside of the window.
After a couple of months, summer came, so did the farewell.

Sonia lived in sorrow, losing her weight day by day.
Then the miracle happened, her black shinning hair turned into white.
Puppetoon animation based on the real story.

Cast & Staff

Satorino Fuchigami
[Art Director]
Ajugude Oshima
Missa Johnouchi
[Executive Producer]
Taro Maki

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