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©2017 Yubari Fanta


2017/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle) /15min

This story is black comedy based on the true story which was created because crossroads calm child starring was fired from a bakery.The morning of the bakery is early. I oversleep, and the wheat of the parttime job is late early in the morning and leaves for the parttimer. The manager that what work in a bakery is nasty and the wife, the Indian foreign student of the part-time job and a part-time aunty. The wheat opens a certain one door. In the other side of the door…. A revenge drama with wheat beginning in there. A talk to relieve the world with bread.

Cast & Staff

Yuugo Sakamoto
Nagiko Tsuji
Wataru Nakajyou
Yuugo Sakamoto
Nagiko Tsuji
Rikiya Kaidou
Izumi Aoi
Manu Mohan
Asuka Ginneko
Takuya Matumoto
Yuuitirou Yasuda
Mina Watanabe

Directer's Profile

Yugo Sakamoto = Kyoto formative arts university. "べー." Cruel 2016 film festival audiences Prize, grand prix "hangmans knot" Kanazawa film festival Grand Prix. Nagiko Tsuji = Kyoto formative arts university. The member of a troupe of the Kanpei Hazama theatrical company. " Shaking girl". London Crystal Palace International Film Festival case choice.

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