They Survive


3/18 sun 16:00[Himawari 1F Budo-jo]

They Survive


Japanese(English subtitles)/10min

Set in one of “the Five Big Prisons of Meiji” actually built across Japan during the Meiji era, the film features Riko Sakaguchi, a reactionary, attempting to escape from prison, confronting the real sadistic prison guards! Riko fires a shotgun skillfully, which astonishes the guards!! This is a true action movie directed by Makoto Shinozaki.

Cast & Staff

Makoto Shinozaki
[Leading actor]
Riko Sakaguchi
[Other cast members]
Kirara Inori
Ryo Ogawa
Maki Nishiyama
Ayami Nakamura
Hitomi Matsushita

Directer's Profile

Born in 1963. Makoto Shinozaki’s first full-length movie “Okaeri” (1996) won 11 awards overseas including the Wolfgang Staudte Award of the 1995 Berlin Film Festival. His other major theatrical movies include “Wasurerarenu hitobito” (2000) and “Tokyo-jima” (2010). Among his recent films, “Arekara” was shown at the Tokyo International Film Festival ect, and “Sharing” was screened at the Busan International Film Festival ect. “Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s the History of Horror Cinema” (Seidosha) is a book which he co-wrote with Kiyoshi Kurosawa. And they are now working on a new book tentatively titled “Kyo-so.”

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