3/17 sat 17:00[Himawari 1F Budo-jo]



Japanese(English subtitles)/14min.


This movie is a young girl’s love story, in which a girl who has a complex about her lack of presence cannot stop loving the man who she fell in love with, even after becoming a ghost.



Cast & Staff

Taichi Suzuki
[Leading actor]
Mina Imada
[Other cast members]
Kenshiro Iwai
Ryubun Sumori
Mana Minamihisamatsu
Yu Oinuma
Jiro Takasaki

Directer's Profile

Born in the Katsushika ward of Tokyo, Japan in 1976. Taichi Suzuki made his debut as a director with “Kusogaki no kokuhaku” (2012) starring Hiroki Konno. He has also scripted and directed movies including “Minna! Esupa dayo!” (2013) and “Panic In” (2015). He scripted the drama ”Tofu Pro-Wrestling” (2017), in which some members of AKB48 appeared, and was impressed by their spirit and enthusiasm. Since then, he has been a fan of their, especially Yunbo Shimada, one of the drama’s characters performed by Haruka Shimada.

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