Summer dream lover


3/17 sat 17:00[Himawari 1F Budo-jo]

Summer dream lover


Japanese(English subtitles)/15min.


A ghost of a school baseball club member who appears in Mao’s dream, asks her to tell his feelings to her best friend. However, after seeing him in her dream several times, she started to feel for the ghost boy….


Cast & Staff

Shingo Matsumura
[Leading actor]
Mao Yamamoto
[Other cast members]
Koki Osamura
Tsukushi Suzuki
Yukiko Mishima

Directer's Profile

Working as a freelance film staff member, Shingo Matsumura continued to making short films. After winning some awards at film festivals in Japan and abroad, he went to a Graduate School at Waseda University. “Romance Road,” his first directed full-length film shot during his graduate school years, was officially screened at the 18th Busan International Film Festival. His latest film “Koi to sayonara to Hawaii” (2017) won the Best Script Writer of the Asian New Talent Award at the 20th Shanghai International Film Festival.
Now he directs music videos, web commercials, and videos aiming at increasing recognition of a small town, as well as movies.

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