3/18 sun 17:30[Himawari 4F]


©Hiroki Inoue


2017/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/23min,30sec/World premiere

When a man came back home from the work, he found his wife has left divorce papers.
So he drove to her parents’ house to discuss.
On the way, he was suddenly asked for help by a woman with a bruise on the face at a rest area where he dropped to take some rest.
He grudgingly accepted it and drove her.
A transient night’s story of a solitary man and a bruised woman.

Cast & Staff

[Director &Script&Editor]
Hiroki Inoue
Natsuyo Nakamura
Yuichiro Nakanishi
Kota Kusano
Rie Kato
Rei Tanaka
Takashi Yuki

Directer's Profile

“Panic 4 ROOMS” in 2009
“Acorn Brothers’ Pickled Ume” in 2010
“Nobuko’s Diary” in 2013 (Short Film)
“Kappa in Love” in 2015 (Short Film)
“Hypnotism for Love” in 2016 (Short Film)
“Let’s meet in the treasure pond” in 2017 (Short Film)

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