The Egg


3/16 fri 10:00[Himawari4F]

The Egg



/19min/Japan Premier

All that Noa wants is to become a mother. But when her husband leaves on a business trip, she has a miscarriage. Too afraid to tell her husband the bad news, Noa resorts to desperate measures to have a baby.



Cast & Staff

Written, Directed and Edited: Nadav Direktor
Cast: Nelly Tagar 
Razia Israeli
Roee Adar
Moni Moshonov
Cinematographer: Alon Lutzky 
Sound design: Tomer Eliav
Original Music: Omri Behr

Directer's Profile

Palm Springs ShortFest, U.S.A, 2016
Tel-Aviv international Student Film Festival, Israel, 2016
Hollyshorts film festival, U.S.A, 2016
New Orleans FIlm Festival, U.S.A, 2016
Razor Reel film festival, Belgium, 2016
Denver international Film Festival, U.S.A, 2016
BuSho Budapest short film festival, Hungary, 2016
Navi-Mumbai international film festival, India, 2016
Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, Korea, 2017
Jinzhen International Short Film Festival, China, 2017

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