Sugiteike, entai 10-dai


3/16 fri 22:30[Himawari4F]

Sugiteike, entai 10-dai

©2017 Sugiteike, entai 10-dai Film Partners



2017/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/46 min

Natsuko is an ordinary high school girl living in a small rural town. Every night she talks about her daily life, what worries her, the boy she likes and so on to record them with her mobile phone. She feels a bit frustrated about her future because she has no dreams or goals even though she’s in her last year of high school. One day, she goes to Tokyo with one of her classmates Masaya in order to see a comeback concert of their favorite band.

When did I realize I wasn’t special?

What I feel right now and how you feel about me……will all those feelings disappear someday, like they never existed in the first place?

Cast & Staff

Hana Matsumoto
[Theme Song]
The Radiocassettes
Hiroshi Okuyama
Haruna Hori
Kai Inowaki
Marika Matsumoto
Mai Tezuka

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