Yummy Hunny Bunny


3/16 fri 10:00[Himawari 1F Budo-jo] 3/17 sat 13:30 [Himawari4F]

Yummy Hunny Bunny

©2017 Minori YAMADA



2017/No Dialogue/7min,10sec

A story of a couple drawn on the theme of “I love you so much that I wanna eat you”.


One day, I witnessed mantis mating. That scene was burned on my brain. Then I came to see you and the mantis coming and going whenever I remembered you. The world is shaking and the boundary goes to be ambiguous.


Cast & Staff

Soushi ABE
[Sound Design]
Misaki HASUO
Misaki HASUO

Directer's Profile

Silver Award at the 19th DigiCon6 ASIA JAPAN
Prize in the 10th Omoigawa Cinema Festival
Nominated for Ikebukuro Art Gathering (IAG) AWARDS 2017
Nominated for ASK? Film Festival
Nominated for Art Department of the 23rd Students CG Contest
Nominated for Excellence Film at Yokohama Independent Film Festival 2017

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