3/18 sun 20:00[Himawari 1F Budo-jo]


©2017 Mohingar Tapwe!! Production


2017/Burmese(Japanese subtitle)/28 munitesWathann Film Fest9th, Sep., 2017 in Yangon)/Japan premiere


This film was produced by young Japanese and Myanmar creators in Yangon. They challenged the very new concept in Myanmar, comedy drama based on cooking battle. It is also a revenge story. Its important theme is Myanmar traditional catfish noodle “mohingar.” Young chef fights using his handmaid mohingar to revenge himself for his father’s death on big evil society which is ruling mohingar market in Myanmar by its automated technology,   

 This film was screened in Wathann Film Fest in Sept. 2017 which has the longest history in Myanmar. It received high evaluation from Myanmar film makers for its unique angle and story like comics.

Cast & Staff

Yuki Kitazumi
Aung Thu Rein
Yuko Hirata
Tomoya Shimmachi
Nay Oo Hlaing
U Htay Aung
U Aung Aung

Directer's Profile

Freelance reporter and film director in Yangon. Born in Tokyo in 1975. Graduated from Waseda Univ. in 1999. After the experience of staff writer in Nihonkeizai Shimbun, moved to Myanmar and appointed Editor in Chief of a magazine issued in Yangon. In 2016, established Yangon Henshu Production. The short comedy “MOHINGAR TAPWE!!” is the first film as a director.

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