Keita Never Die


3/16 fri 16:00[Himawari4F]

Keita Never Die

©2017 Nakamura Tomonori


2017/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/80min


Keita Shimabukuro, a younger brother of Aki Shimabukuro who sells her body for a living, crashes in his sister’s place. An evil plot by Sachi, the daughter of the leader of the Kimura gang, ends up with Keita dumped into a river. His body is washed ashore in heaven, where he sees his father Mitsuo, with whom he has lost touch for many years.

By an unexpected twist of fate, Keita is resurrected but in the body of his sister. Now they have to share the same body with each other.

Cast & Staff

Tomonori Nakamura
Kana Yamaguchi
Katsuya Shinzato
Samon Imamura
Benjamin Zimmermann
Shigeo oosako, 
Han Arai
Maki Nishiyama
Kaori Takeshita
Yoshifumi Aoki
Makoto Oose
Ryu Shinoda
Momo Takenoshita

Directer's Profile

Tomonori Nakamura was Born in 1986 in Wakayama. He completed the 17th Fiction Course at Eigabigakkou (The Film School of Tokyo).
This is his first feature film.

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