3/17 sat 23:30[Himawari 1F Budo-jo]


©2017 Allen Ai Film


2017/JAPANESE, ENGLISH(JAPANESE, ENGLISH subtitle)/87min/Japan premiere

This is a story of a fighter, Marco, who came to Japan for underground fighting. The Kurosawas is a powerful family in the city and Mr. Kurosawa controls illegal fighting. He has a daughter, Rui, who was sick and healed herself at home until a year ago. While Rui’s fiancé Keita tries to become a part of the family, Marco and Rui get attracted to each other. Marco tries to avoid her but he cannot suppress his feelings for her. During his first fight with a massive fighter called The Music, Marco gets badly injured. But Mr. Kurosawa has him fight again a few days later. While Mr. Kurosawa and Keita try to separate Marco and Rui, Rui runs to find Marco after the fight has already started.

Cast & Staff

Allen Ai
Tomohisa Sugizaki
[Assistant director]
Pisani Mariana
Michael Fanconi
Allen Ai
Hiroyuki Watanabe

Directer's Profile

Allen Ai is a Japanese actress, the producer of Kim Kiduk’s Film “STOP”. After working on three independent films, she got a chance to work with a great director Kim Kiduk. She is a remarkable and very unique actress. She has been growing very fast as an actress and a producer.

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