Still Life of Memories


3/17 sat 22:30[Himawari 1F Gymnasium]

Still Life of Memories

©2018Plaisir/Film Bandit


2018/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitles)/107min

Ambitious young photographer Haruma comes to know Rei, a beautiful curator of an art museum. She offers him unordinary photography project, which is taking pictures of her body but under the conditions that
never asking the reason and she'll be given the negatives. While Haruma goes on photographing Rei, his pregnant girlfriend Natsuki grows frustration being kept out of Haruma and Rei's creative work, and the triangle relationship turns to unexpected ending...
The film is inspired by the relationship of Henri Maccheroni and his lover. Maccheroni had photographed her body and she had allowed him to picture herself for two years, and that eventually came out as a photography
'Cent photographies choisies dans la serie Deux mille photographies du sexe d'une femme' (One hundred photographs selected in the series Two thousand photographs of a woman's sex).
'Still Life of Memories', filmed by internationally reputed director Hitoshi Yazaki, is an edgy art film that entails scandalous nature of Maccheroni's photographs as well as earnest commitment.

Cast & Staff

[director]Hitoshi Yazaki
[planning・produce]Akihiko Ito
[producer]Yasuyuki Nino(THEFOOL)
[original novel]Inuhiko Yomota 'Eizo Yori'(Asahi Press)
[screenplay] Masa Asanishi, Akira Ito
[photo]Saki Nakamura
[cinematographer]Isao Ishii
[electrician]Akio Osaka
[production design]Masami Tanaka
[costume]Tokuko Ishihara
[makeup]Manami Miyamoto
[music]Takuto Tanaka
[edit]Ken Memita
[casting]Midori Saito
[cast]Masanobu Ando, Natsuko Haru, Rima Matsuda, Vivienne Sato, Kiyomi Ito, Inuhiko Yomota

Directer's Profile

Hitoshi Yazaki was born in Yamanashi prefecture and studied filming at Cinema course of Nihon University College of Art. While still in university, he debuted as a director for 'Kazetachi no gogo' (1980). His second directed film 'March Comes in Like a Lion' (1990) was screened at film festivals worldwide including Berlin International Film Festival having won international acclaim. His latest work 'A Cappella' (2016) was awarded Special Jury Prize of Sakhalin International Film Festival.

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