3/15 thu 23:30【Himawari 1F Budojyo】



2006/JAPANESE (ENGLISH subtitle)/89min

A fearsome samurai hungering for the ultimate challenge is forced to do battle with a powerful temple monk intent on preventing ultimate destruction in an action-packed swordplay adventure in which the fate of the world lies in a mysterious coffin. Grave is a samurai whose power is unequaled by mortal man. In his desperate quest to find a suitable foe with whom to do battle, Grave steals an ancient coffin from the Tougan Temple said to contain the mythical Goddess of Destruction. Now, as Grave drags the coffin across the countryside in search of a way to pry it open and unleash the power contained inside, a temple monk charged with the task of ensuring the safety of mankind sets out to stop Grave from freeing the Goddess of Destruction even if it means sacrificing his own life in the process.

Cast & Staff

Yuji Shimomura
Shinichi Fujita
Shinichi Fujita, Takafumi Watanabe, Yuji Shimomura

Tak Sakaguchi
Takaomi Suga
Segal Kentaro
Yuki Takeuchi
Yoko Fujita

Directer's Profile

Action director, film director. Actively worked as a freelance stuntman after graduating Kurata Action Club and then worked beside Donnie Yen, action super star/ director in Hong Kong. Currently belongs to UDEN FRAMEWORKS and appeals his talent as an action director in various field such as movies, CM, game.

Mostly known for "Gantz: Perfect Answer "(11), "Lucky Seven"(12), " Library War"(13), "Andô Lloyd"(13), "MONSTREZ"(14) and others. For video game movie contents, he has worked on "Devil May Cry 3"(05), "Devil May Cry 4"(08),"Bayonetta"(09). His most successful feature film is "Death Trance"(05).

Cologne Cineasia Film Festival
Nevermore Film Festival
Fantasy Filmfest Nights
Independent Film Festival of Boston
Fantasia Film Festival

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