Nanami Kawakami The ACTRESS


3/18 sun 20:00[Himawari 1F Budo-jo]

Nanami Kawakami The ACTRESS

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2017/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)12min,50secWorld premiere

Nanami Kawakami, an actress, is filming a movie starring her. In a scene of a confession of her love, the director disapproves her acting. He said,  "Can you remember your ex-boyfriend?" With the sound of the waves, the memories of her spending time with him are evoked. In the mixture of her present, past, and future, she makes up her mind to be a real actress.

Cast & Staff

Keitaro Sakon
Rei Hirano
Keitaro Sakon
Nanami Kawakami
Hayate Matsuzaki
Yoshihiro Kumano
Takuya Fukushima

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