The Cemetery of Sisters


3/18 sun 19:00[Himawari 1F Gymnasium]

The Cemetery of Sisters



2018/KOREAN(ENGLISH/JAPANESE subtitle)/92min/World premiere

Four men come to the village where the two sisters live. Men try to find hidden treasures in village cemeteries. One day, the younger sister feels love to one of the men. But the older sister plans to put the human flesh on the dining table. There is a bloody battle between the two sisters and the men.

Cast & Staff

Sangwoo Lee
Pierce Conran
Hun Kim
Hun Kim
Giwon Jang
Ilhwan Jeon
Yeongtaek Kim  
Hana Ann    
Darae Park    
Jaesung Choi    
Deokho Gil    
Itae Choi

Directer's Profile

During his studies in Broadcasting and Communication as an BA in Daegu University. In 2009, he received an award from the Daegu Short film Festival and a year later directed a segment in maverick filmmaker Lee Sang-woo’s omnibus ALL ABOUT MY FATHER. He made some films such as One Summer Night (2017), Tropical Night (2008).

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