3/18 sun 17:00 [Himawari 1F Gymnasium]


©2018 Tadashi Nagayama


2018/JAPANESE (ENGLISH subtitle)/97min/World premiere

 At the time, having neither a house nor a job, I was caring for my uncle with dementia while staying at the head family’s house. My only pastime was playing bongo. But I thought this life was much better than going back to Tokyo and having a miserable time.


The uncle died and my cousin Micchan came back. Micchan is the oldest son of the head family, so this house belongs to him now. Yet, he did not kick me out of the house, and on top of it, he even gave me a job. We three, including Noboru, a childhood friend who was also given a job by him, were living playfully every day. Like kittens.

But one day, a naturalistic family moved here from Tokyo. When I was comfortably taking a nap, they suddenly came to see the head family and broke my sleep.




Yes, I did wake up.


Cast & Staff

[Director / Editor]
Tadashi Nagayama
Yuriko Suzuki / Tadashi Nagayama
Eriya Ishikawa
[Cinematography ]
Moriaki Kanno
 [Production Design ]
Katsuhiro Fukuzawa
[Special Effects Makeup]
Tomo Hyakutake
Yohta Kawase
Shoichiro Tanigawa
Tadahiro Tsuru
Kanji Tsuda
Natsuki Mieda
Kazua Akieda

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