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<program4>DON’T CRY

©2017 Tomovies


2017/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/12min20sec

This animation is a SF thriller depicting a battle between people and AI.

In the era when AI holds the reins of government, humans placed under control of androids are restricted from childbearing. The husband and wife go to a harbor to leave their child in the hands of a resistance “Jinrui Shidan (human division),” but chasers are close behind them…

In the region where I live, over 300 children waiting to get into nursery schools and limits on employment of child-rearing women are major issues. So I have portrayed what I felt through child raising, in the form of SF dystopia


Cast & Staff

Tomoya Takashima
Masaki Akemoto
Haruka Oda
Youhei Oosaka
Hikaru Nagasaka
Yasuhiro Kikuchi
Kanako Ito


Directer's Profile

Started activities as an animation writer while in school. After serving as director at a production company, established Tomovies in 2014. Since then, he has built his career mainly in the field of animated TV programs. His works include “Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories,” “Kagewani,” and “Hataraku Oniisan!: Working Buddies!”

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