Hong Kong Master


3/16 fri 20:30 [Himawari4F]

Hong Kong Master

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2017/ Cantonese (English and Japanese Subtitles)/66min/International Premiere

In year 2047 The Eastern Cave - HongKong
Chan Hotung - The Ex-Leader of Gu Wak Zai(Yakuza)group “ Dragon of the Four Seas” in Mongkok.
After the years he quit and work in the car shop with a Low wages without dignity, somehow, his Old Enemies Kurou has become a CEO of Technology company "EastStar” , Kurou lead a Cyborg soldier “Iron Head” to persecution the old Gu Wak Zai include Hotung and his old brothers.

To defeat an Invincible enemy, Hotung decided find one man to help - The HongKong Master, The legendary man who merges technology and feng shui together.
With two magician weapons Quantum Blade and Thunder Cannon from Hong Kong Master, Hotung and his brothers put their lives on defending their homeland and beat those Iron Heads.

The Ultimate HongKong Sci Fi battle has begun !

Cast & Staff

Leung Chung Man
Johnny Li
Lai Tsz Chun
Cheung Chun Kiu-“Chan Ho Tung”
Kiki Tam-“Biggie”
Ng Kwok Lun-“Cocky”
Leung Tin Chun-“Beanie”
Lai Tsz Chun-“Tengu”
Tsang lok tung-“KK”
Li man yeung-“Kurou”

Directer's Profile

Gold Award - Best Digital Entertainment (Student & Independent Group) Award - Hong Kong ICT Awards 2013
Special Jury Price - Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2013
Official Selection - Uppsala International Short Film Festival 2012
Official Selection -Hong Kong in Focus, Festival Paris Cinema 2012
Official Selection - Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market 2012
Hong Kong Regional Awards - 14th TBS DigiCon6
Gold Award - Taipei International Digital Content Awards(Digital Video) 2012
Best Creativity Award - Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival

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