3/16 fri 12:00[Himawari 1F Budo-jo]


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2018/KOREANJAPANESE(ENGLISH &JAPANESE subtitle)81minWorld premiere

Miyu goes to Seoul, South Korea for study so as to find her missing sister. She meets Hana, a young and energetic orthopedic surgeon and they become friends gradually. Miyu increasingly sees her sister in Hana. Hana also becomes attracted to Miyu, but Hana lives with her same-sex partner Hyoshin and stays away from Miyu. Eventually, their respective pasts become revealed… 





Cast & Staff

Hiratani Etsuo
[Executive Producer]
Jo Hoe-on
[Director & Cinematographer]
Sone Takeshi
Akane Yurika
Lee Yuha
Choi Yona
Sakimoto Miya
Katayama Ryo
Lee Eun-woo
Hirosawa Sou

Directer's Profile

He works mainly overseas. Recently in China.
‘Paris, New Year’s Eve To Be With Her’ (2017)
‘Talking to Yourself in Taiwan’ (2017)
‘Doppelganger’ (2017)
‘9 Windows’ (2016)
‘Slit Mouth Woman in L.A.’ (2016)

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