The Fire Celebration at Kurama


3/16 fir 14:00 [Himawari 1F Budo-jo] 3/17 sat 19:00 [Himawari 4F ]

<program3>The Fire Celebration at Kurama

©2017 Yosuke Tani/Tokyo University of the Arts


2017/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/4min26sec

Yuki-jinja Shrine is located in Kurama, Kyoto. Every year, a unique fire festival is held at the shrine. This film mixes documentary and fantasy to depict the people, deities, and spirits who create the festival together.

Cast & Staff

Yosuke Tani
Megumu Hanayama
[Sound Design]
Misaki Hasuo
Rai Sato


Directer's Profile

Born in Kyoto, Japan in 1992. Graduated from Ritsumeikan University in 2015. During undergraduate studies, took drawing lessons at Atelier Rojue. Since 2016, studying at Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate School of Film and New Media, Department of Animation.

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