taste of my house.


3/16 fir 18:00 [Himawari 1F Budo-jo] 3/17 sat 12:00 [Himawari 4F ]

<program2>taste of my house.


2017/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/9min11sec

A six years old girl Miyuki was living with her mother Yuka. As her mother had to work late to support her, she had her dinner alone every night, and it was always the curry rice cooked by her mother before she left for work. One day, she felt so lonely and threw the dish away. 14 years later, now Miyuki is 20, she remembers this curry rice that her late mother used to cook for her, on Mother’s Day.

Cast & Staff

Akihiro Takeishi
Ryota Sakihiro
[Sound Deginer]
Rin Matsumoto
[Music Confliktor]
Kaito Yomiya
Nanami Honda
Mai Hiraoka
Mariko Kobayashi
Toshimitsu Maeda
Reiko Kataoka


Directer's Profile

Born in 1995 in Tokyo. Takeishi first made a film for a school festival when he was in the third year at high school. He showed his first film at Eiga Worldcup 2014.

After that, he started studying in the department of cinema at Nihon University. Currently, he is in the final year. While studying at university, he continues to make independent films. Currently, working on his graduation project “I wake up to change tomorrow”.


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