Spirit Catcher


3/16 fri 18:30[Himawari 1F Gymnasium] 3/17 sat 14:30[Himawari 1F Budo-jo]

Spirit Catcher

Hi-Link (Beijing) Cultural Media Co., Ltd.


2017/CHINESE (KOREAN, ENGLISH, JAPANESE subtitle)/57 min/World premiere

Wen Yan, A pretty bride who has dreamed a romantic life, was unbearable to her shabby wedding with Tan Shu, then ran away dragging a long wedding dress from wedding field. With despair, walking along the old street of Beijing, she chanced to see the signboard of "Li Xiang Na Jian", and was led into the mysterious bar. In the bar, she confessed her complaints about Tan Shu to the bartender Si You. And Si You mixed a cup of Magic cocktail for her, with saying that a single piece of her soul is enough to pay for the drink. After she drinks it bottoms up, Tan Shu comes into bar suddenly, but he cannot recognize Wen Yan.

Cast & Staff

[Executive Producer]
Jaeyong Kwak
Alvin Zhang
Jiang Yi Lai
Yang Yin Ying
Gyutae Han
Yonghung Kim
Simun Ryu
Fu Zhi Bo
Wang Xi Lu
Jin Jin
Liu Chao
Zhao Yi Ming

Directer's Profile

Born in Seoul, Korea in 1976.
Assistant Director of Films listed Below
The Classic (2003, Korea)
Windstruck (2004, Korea)
Cyborg She (2007, Japan)
My Mighty Princess (2008, Korea)
Meet Miss Anxiety (2014, China)
Crying Out in Love (2016, China)
Colors of Wind (2017, Japan)

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