The Naughty List


3/16 fir 18:00 [Himawari 1F Budo-jo] 3/17 sat 12:00 [Himawari 4F ]

<program2>The Naughty List

©Brian Keene & Chameleon Pictures Ltd 2016    


2016/ENGLISH(JAPANESE subtitle)/8min

Cast & Staff

[Director/ Screenplay]
Paul Campion
[Based on the short story]
“The Siqquism Who Stole Christmas” by Brian Keene
Michelle Cullen & Paul Campion
[Director of Photography]
Jono Smith
Rob Hall
Vincenzo Nicoli
Sebastion Knapp
Mac Elsey


Directer's Profile

Paul Campton began his career in the film industry as an illustrator before working as a visual effects artist on films such as "The Lord of the Rings" "Captain America:Civil War". His short film "Eel Girl" won several film awards and "Night of the Hell Hamsters" has screened at most major genre film festivals worldwide.

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