3/16 fri 14:30 [Himawari 1F Gymnasium] 3/18 sun 10:00[Himawari 1F Budo-jo]


©2017 Sakamoto Yugo


2017/JAPANESE (ENGLISH subtitle)/91min

Towa Machiyama , a silly bad boy, was picked up by a gang with a leader Fujisaki, and ended up being bashed in broad daylight and burnt.  A misfortune followed another.  He failed in getting money by faking an automobile accident tempted by his older brother Ryu Machiyama and he got his brain damaged by car accident.  Ryu promised the revenge for Towa against Fujisaki and more darkness was about to come to them



Cast & Staff

Yugo Sakamoto
 Yugo Sakamoto
Yugo Sakamoto
Masaki Inoue
Takuya Matumoto
Kengo Yosii
Yu Yasda
Nagiko Tuji

Directer's Profile

Born in 1996.  Great man who wins grand prix at all festivals: Student Splatter Movie Festival for “Be.” in 2016, Kanazawa Film Fest of promising newcomer director for “Hungmans Not ” in 2017, and MOOSIC LAB for “Pan .” 



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