3/16 fir 10:00 [Himawari 1F Budo-jo] 3/17 sat 13:30 [Himawari 4F ]


©2017 Yoichi Hosono


2017/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/17min35sec

A.D.2154, people live in the world where what we call love is prohibited.  The protagonist, Jin, is spending his life with treating people for the disease called “NOISE” which is actually their awakening of love.  One day, he meets a woman who has incurable NOISE.  He disobeys the order to kill her from his boss, and decides to run away with her.  After a while, he pledges himself and her to the battle against the system of the world.  A dystopian sci-fi shot in Tokyo likened to a Near-future city.

Cast & Staff

Yoichi Hosono
Seigo Ishii
Mariko Masuyama, Hida Tomo
Yuki Suzuki
Kie Yamazaki
Taishi Fujiwara
Wakako Ono
Naomi Hiyajo


Directer's Profile

Graduated from Columbia College Hollywood, B.F.A. in Cinema directing.  Currently, working in film and TV projects as a freelance VFX artist in Tokyo.

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