2017/japanese/World Premier/60min
A boy who died of Lynch
It was revived as an absolutely invulnerable fault "opposition"!
The purpose is not "revenge" but "to play"? It is!
On the other hand, the perpetrators' bad guys struggle to escape responsibility ....
Lynch, car chase, passenger car destruction, arson
Violence beyond the limit will kill your night!

Cast & Staff

Director / Cinematographer / Editor Yuki Kobayashi
Probiding organs NISHIMURA EIZO co.,Ltd.

Ysohiki Makino
Yoshiki Umemoto
Yukiya Akaike
Hideto Nakanishi
Atsushi Nakagome
Noboru Iwama
Katsuki Endo
Motoki Kobayashi
Taiki Sano
Kohei Nakayama
Katsuhiko Komine

Directer's Profile

Yuki Kobayashi is 26 years old. Born in Fujinomiya, Shizuoka in 1990. "KAMIKAZE COWBOY", directed, written and edited by him, won the grand prize of the Off Theater Competition at this festival last year. His major works, "NIGHT SAFARI", the Grand-prize film at the Kanazawa Film Festival 2015, "Super Tandem", the nominated at the 36th PFF, and "Kamiyado Swan", for which he wrote the scenario.

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