love is a dog from hell

love is a dog from hell


2016/JAPANESE (ENGLISH and CHINESE subtitle)/Japan premier/15min

A female private detective is visited by a man searching for his lost lover. The only clue is a letter. She coldly asks the man to leave, but after that she finds herself drowning in her own memories.

Cast & Staff

Komaki Teng Edmund Yeo
【Written, Directed and Edited 】
[Producer ]
Yimu Ma
[Cinematographer ]
Lesly Leon Lee
Teo Wey Yinn
Fiji Mina
Okubao Yuki

Directer's Profile

Komaki Teng
Continues producing various types of videos since graduation from Ando Laboratory, Waseda University, in 2012.
Edmund Yeo
A Malaysian film director who is based in Tokyo, Japan. All his films have been shot in Japan or Malaysia. He has been officially invited by major film festivals in the world and has received many awards.

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