Angel is Dead

Angel is Dead


2016/Korean(English)/International Premiere/87min 26sec

There is the ferryboat which sails to a remote island. The mysterious woman, Gah-in and Do-kyung who just discharged from the army are in it. They meet when Do-kyung saves Gah-in who nearly slips into the ocean. Later that night, Gah-in and Do-kyung encounter again in the bar, named Yubari and sleep together. After that night, Gah-in shows obsession to Do-kyung.But Do-kyung keep distance from her and eventually doesn’t answer the call. One day, Gah-in visits Do-kyung’s house and meet Do-kyung father, Jeong-whan who is retired soldier. After that, the three involved in bizarre love and sex triangle.

Cast & Staff

[Director / Cinematographer / Editor]
Director/Writer NO Zin soo
[Producer / Cinematographer / Still Photo]
Producer NA Yongkuk
Cinematographer PARK Rodrigo Seh
Recording PARK Jae Hyung
Gah In KIM Hwa Yeon
Do Kyung SHIN Won Ho
Jeong Hwan HAN Jeong Hyeon

Directer's Profile

During 10 years of film directing career, No Zin soo’s made dozen of feature films. And some of them were invited several film festival each. Furthermore he’s received the honor of being invited 3 consecutive years from YUBARI Int’l Film Festival with The Maidroid, Summer of Director Oh and this year’s Angel is Dead.

Angel is Dead is the final film of his ‘Obsession’ trilogy among with The Suffered (2014) and Death in Desert (2015).

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