YURUI -Special edition-

YURUI -Special edition-



2016/Japanese (English subtitle)/91 min

Everyone has unpalatable desires such as envy, greed and vanity. We each strive to keep our desires in check and not be driven by them. However, sometimes these desires take over and we lose control and make mistakes. Be careful! This is when the Mame-charas, sinister fluffy characters, turn up to punish those who lose control.

Who are these Mame-charas?

What do they want? Are they heroes or villains?


The director’s special selection chosen from 12 episodes for this film festival, containing those controversial brutal scenes which almost put the series banned on TV, and have been deleted.

Cast & Staff

[General director]
Naoki Kubo
[Executive producer]
Masashi Kikuta
Mitsuhiro Okazaki
Hiroyuki Araki
Osamu Ogawawra
Takashi Iitsuka
Yuki Kumagai
Shinya Kouno (Screenwriter)

Directer's Profile

Takashi Iitsuka

Born in Ibaraki, 1985. He is known for a live-action puppet films after Encounters (2011), also directed a TV series Hoketsu Hero MEGA3 for NHK Educational TV.


Yuki Kumagai

After graduating from Musashino Art University, Kochira George Clooney Tanteisha (This is George Clooney Detective) became a hit in Chichibu Film Festival.


Shinya Kouno

Born in Miyazaki, 1978. After graduating from former Japan Institute of the Moving Image, he has directed corporate videos and DVDs. This is his first film to direct.

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