night flight

night flight


2016/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/62min

Kana Yamada is a theatre director and owner of the theater company, Rojic. She has just directed her first film, Yorunigeru. In her work she aims to expresses the depth of emotion in a relationship between men and women. For this film she has used unique actors and actresses to bring her own style of directing to the screen.

The music was created by a girl band called Yonige who work in the Kansai Area. The story portrays two women, Kanako and Moeno, who are trying to revisit their youth.

Cast & Staff

[Director]Kana Yamada
[Cinematographer]Kenji Tanabe
[Editor]Soichi Ueno
[Voicing]Tetsuo Segawa
[Assistant director]Hiroaki Mimii
[Producer]Syoko Adachi,Kotaro Hayashi

Keiko Sugawara,Kumi Takiuchi,
Takumi Matsuzawa,James Takeshi Yamada,Yumi Goto,
Bobmi Hidaka,Kotaro Hayashi

Directer's Profile

Kana Yamada started her career working at a record label but decided that she wanted to be involved in theater. She left the label to start her own company, Rojic. Rojic was awarded the Gran Prix of Corich Theater Festival in 2014. Kana Yamada also works in music and Rojic is the only theater company that is invited to music festivals.

He work spans multiple creative fields. Yoru Niger is her film directing debut.

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