BEATOPIA production committee


2016/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/World Premiere/56min

The story is set in a small town in the countryside, full of nature and food. There, two high school boys Yu and Kai are both feeling frustrated in their lives. Through a common hobby, they start opening up to each other. One day, they meet a college girl Lin from a big city Tokyo, who is filming a documentary during her summer holiday. She starts filming Yu and Kai and the story starts.

Life in the city and the countryside, family and friends, and dreams and reality... The three young people face various difficulties in this summer.


Cast & Staff

Yu Sakuma / Kaito Kurosaki / Sara Ogawa
Director, Writer & Editor / Sara Ogawa
Camera / Yuko Hirami
Assistant director / Takanari Kawasumi・Maria Hata
Lights / Shuhei Sakuma・Yuta Sasaki
Sound Operator / Takashi Asai・Ayu Hosoya
Producer / Eita Sato・Kunpei Uchida・Daiki Yoshida
Supporting director / Sho Ishii
Hair, Make-up & Costume / Kaho Kobayashi
Dialect trainer / Yu Yokoyama

Directer's Profile

Born on June 8th, 1996 (20 years old)

Sara Ogawa is a director and an actress, also a student at Waseda University. The first film Asatsuyu (The Rainy Days) which she directed and starred was nominated in the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival in 2016. Her first film as an actress, INNOCENT15 was screened at the Theatre Shinjuku. She is the director, writer, editor,producer and leading star in the latest film BEATOPIA.

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