2016/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/WorldPremier/81min

The main character, Sapphire, is isolated with her mother with special abilities in a remote facility.

A criminal organization led by Adam kills her mother, however, erases Sapphire's memory and put her in a murder troop. 20 years later, due to the worsening international situation, the nation outsources the national defense to a private troop company. Adam, who is one of the executives of the company, organizes a special force and appoints Sapphire as the leader of it. However, Sapphire senses Adam's scheme and now she is in danger of being killed. Getting back the memory of her childhood, in fierce battles, Sapphire, who always just followed Adam’s orders, decides to follow her own will for the first time. Vague memory of her mother still remains in Sapphire's head. Finally, it is time for the final battle with the enemy. Action movie with gun fights from the beginning to the end.

Cast & Staff

Toshinari Yonishi
Yoshisuke Shinoda
Naomi Shinoda
Kyoko Hisayasu

Hitomi Uno
Hiroshi Komura
Natsuki Hisayasu
Mary Yoshimura
Akira Nomoto

Directer's Profile

Toshinari Yonishi was absorbed in "STAR WARS" and got  a dream to become a film director when he was an elementary school student. It was when he was in his late forties that he remembered the dream which he had given up on long time ago. He said to himself that it would be regrettable if he didn't give it a try and decided to create his own film as a director. He has started filming with no experience. And finally, another dream of his has come true that his film is going to be screened at Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival.

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