Gravity of Acting

Gravity of Acting

Chung, Geun Woong


2016/Korean(ENGLISH/JAPANESE subtitle)/93min

A theatre actor, Sunghyun, has worked for the same play for the last 10 years without dream nor passion. His old friend Gwangsik who left the theatre to pursue a film actor’s career offers Sung Hyun a chance to play a main character’s role in a feature film. It is the film by the young director who brought Gwangsik fame as a movie star. When Sunghyun decides to take a challenge for the role with a hope to get his life out of misery, his long-time, deadly rival Taeseok comes back to his life.

Cast & Staff

Soonyoung Chang
Maki Tsuchida
[Executive Producer]
Wonchang Cho
Jimin Kim
Geunwoong Chung
[Production Designer]
Hongkyu Park
Jinsuk Lee
Geunwoong Chung
[Assistant Director]
Divine Sung
[Costume Designer]
Yoonha Choi
[Sound Designer]
Gihwa Ryu
Ryoong Oh
Sunghyun Ryu
Taekyung Kim

Directer's Profile

Chung Geun Woong graduated from Korea National University of Arts, department of Film Making. After directing various TV commercials, this is his debut as a director of a feature film.

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