DRAGON GIRLS - Pop Asian Women Warriors

DRAGON GIRLS - Pop Asian Women Warriors



2016/France(JAPANESE and ENGLISH subtitle)/Asia premier/53 min

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon presented a new image of the Asian woman, both feisty and rebellious. These new Amazons also occupied other territories of pop culture, like rock, videogames or fashion, armed with swords or with electric guitars. From Pekin to Taipei, by way of Tokyo, filmmaker Yves Montmayeur interviews some of the most iconic “dragon girls”

Cast & Staff

Yves Montmayeur
Thierry Tripod
Yves Montmayeur
Michelle Yeoh, Zhang Ziyi
Michelle Yeoh
Zhang Ziyi
Cheng Pei Pei
Shu Qi
Hou Hsiao-Hsien
Zhao Wei
Fan Bingbing
Rina Takeda
Go Nagai
Eihi Shiina

Directer's Profile

Yves Montmayeur’s last documentary film “The 1000 Eyes of Dr Maddin”, which film was about a portrait of eccentric Canadian director Guy Maddin, won the Best Documentary Award at La Mostra di Venezia 2015.Now Yves is working as a journalist and TV director at ARTE TV, the french-german cultural TV network.

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