I want to be loved

I want to be loved

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2017/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/World Premier/84min

“I want to be loved” is a French-Japanese co-production directed by a Japanese speaking French director Ronan Girre who lived between Japan and France over the last 20 years.

Ronan Girre was always been fascinated by the very specific connection of Japanese people with super-natural beings in their everyday life.
Gods, spirits and ghost are everywhere in Japan including on our film set according to the film crew. They can be considered as scary or friendly creatures according to the moment and the place. However no one doubt it: they are there.
Maybe one have to be French to feel how human they are after all…..

Cast & Staff

(Director, Writer, Music, Exe.Producer )
Ronan Girre
(Executive Producers)
Hiroki Tanaka, Kousuke Ono, Daichi Monden
Juri Fukushima, Maho Kondo
Renn Kiriyama
Kurumi Shimizu
Yoko Mitsuya
Tomoya Maeno
Kiki Sugino

Directer's Profile

Ronan Girre has directed a first feature film in France in 2001 VIRILITE. Then he worked as a film producer, a script writer and a music composer on a numbers of features and TV fictions. He lives and works in Paris but travels regularly to Japan for family reason. He speaks Japanese fluently and has been working occasionally in the Japanese film business.

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