2014/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/World Premier/11min

A young man who wants to kill himself visits a room rumored to be haunted by a ghost. Things seem to go as he expected, but take an unexpected turn. The music, cinematic and theatrical, is by Nagisa Kuroki, a singer-songwriter whose world of lyrics with a strong narrative is causing a buzz in various circles. Inspired by a song from Kuroki’s album Hyohonbako (specimen case), this film was made with the planner and producer Shinsuke Mae as the spearhead.

Cast & Staff

[Director / Writer / Editor]
Mari Okada
Shinsuke Mae
Kosuke Kuramoto
Yamato Kamei
Chavetaro Ishizaki
Mizuki Fukui

Directer's Profile

Mari Okada was born in Osaka, Japan. She studied filmmaking at California Institute of the Arts, and graduated with MFA.

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