Moon of a sleepless Night

Moon of a sleepless Night

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A young boy and his family are living in a forest with huge trees.

One day, "A keeper of the moon in the form of a squirrel" suddenly appears in front of the boy.

The squirrel asks the boy to help to get the "Moon" that was caught on a tall tree free.

As it is, it will become a world where the night will not end forever -

The Moon squirrel and the boy go on an adventure to the night forest where time has stopped!

Cast & Staff

[Director/Doll shaping]
Takeshi Yashiro
Yasuko Abe
Yoshihiro Nose
Izumi Nakane
[Production manager/photography/art]
Megumi Kaneko
Takatoshi Taniguchi
Kuniko Tanaka


Kunihiro Miyoshi



Masaaki Oikawa
Takanori Toyokawa
Yasuhiro Kusakabe
Tomoki Laverne
Shuo Mako
Ken Iwainofu
Izumi Sakurai
Makoto Matsukawa
Shigeru Sugimoto

Directer's Profile

He was born in Akita Prefecture in 1969. After he graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 1993, he joined TAIYO KIKAKU co.,ltd. While working on a number of commercials as commercial director, he was interested in the world of doll animation. He repeatedly conducted researches and experiments individually, and is working on numerous puppet animation (filming) works in commercials, web movies and others.


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