2016/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/World premiere/10min55sec

I had collected packaged erasers of various shapes and colors by buying them with my allowance money since being in the lower grades of elementary school.

I had also seen a lot of action movies and read a lot of battle manga, which influenced my imagination. The expanded imagination helped me develop my idea into a big-scale story where erasers fight in lots of wars, then confront powerful enemies and beat them down.

Then my mother gave me an opportunity to make a film, so I made into a movie the fantasy world I had created and enjoyed in my head by visualizing and animating it.

Cast & Staff

Ray : Hideki Oka
Han : Takeshi Nizato
Zeru : Kenta Iwamoto
Lenard : Tomohiko Iwasaki
John : Kazuhiro Kiuchi
Sky : Kayo Hoshino
Carlos : Hiroaki Tanaka
Sam : Tadashi Suzuki
Bruce : Yuki Mizuno
Mysterious voice 1 : Masakatsu Ogawa
Mysterious voice 2 : Yoshiharu Kino
Narration : Shun Uematsu
[ Director / Script writer / Editor・SE / Design・CG texture]AKIRA
[ producer・Music・Theme song]artegg-yumi
[ Assistant Director ] Kenta Iwamoto
[ CG animation ] Hiroaki Tanaka
[CG Background]Shinya Iguchi
[ English subtitle ] Yuko Swift
(Produced by studio-artegg)

Directer's Profile

Akira starred in the movie “Kohtaro in Space Wonderland” and was also involved in its character design. He loves stationery. Based on stories and designs which he had created since being in the third year of elementary school, he started to make the film “ERASER WARS”. Now in the first grade of junior high school. He is studying 3DCG.

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