2016/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/25min

L and M and W.

Can L be born from a M and a W ?

Could this be love?

Could this be life?

Does a man and a women ever understand each other?

In this seemingly absurd conversation is there really any truth to it at all?


Who is it to open my door?

Cast & Staff

[Director / scenario / Editor]Genki YOSHIMURA
[Cinematographer ] Onlim WONG
[Recording]Haruki NAKAGAWA
[Music] Masanaga MATSUOKA
[Song]Shino NITTA

Directer's Profile

Born in Tokyo, started to direct independent films since his school days. Written scripts of many films, including ‘Digimon Adventure 02’, ‘Sailor Moon SuperS: The Movie’, ‘Gekashitsu’, ‘Smiling Michael’ and more.

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