Hypnotism for love

Hypnotism for love


2016/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/25min25sec

Kyoko and Kana are high school students. They learn hypnotism and decide to try it on the boys they like, so that they fall in love with them. One day, Kana asks Kyoko to approach Reiji and hypnotize him.

Cast & Staff

[Director / script / Editor]
Hiroki Inoue
Natsuyo Nakamura
Kenzo Matsumura 、Makoto Yamaguchi

Jyuna Aoki
Nina Hasegawa
Riku Hagiwara
Sojiro Yoshimura
Kota Kusano

Directer's Profile

Hiroki Inoue, understudy of the late director Teruo Ishii, made his directorial debut in theater with the production Panic 4Rooms. He then went on to direct the feature film Plum of Acorn Brothers. He is currently working on various short film productions and is widely recognized as a promising filmmaker.

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