Seul-woo Hyung


2015/KOREA(JAPANESE・ENGLISH subtitle)/21min

It’s April and Min-jeung wants to change the atmosphere of her house. She calls everyone including some strange men to help moving her heavy furniture, but no one wants to help. She has no choice but to call her boring friend, Byeong-gu.

Byeong-gu starts to make a mess in her house.

Cast & Staff

[Director / Producer]
Seul-woo Hyung
[Cinematographer / Editor]
Choon-mo Gu
Sung-kuk Ha
Hye-ryung Kwak
Kwang-woo Lee
[Assistant Director]
Min-kyu Kwak
Hyun-woo Seo
Min-jeung Kim

Directer's Profile

Born in 1987. Winner of the Governor of Hokkaido Award with her first short film <Wall> at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2010. Worked as an assistant director in an independent film. This film <Allergy> won the grand prize at the Fukuoka Independent Film Festival.

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