Love Triangle

Love Triangle

Seul-woo Hyung


2015/KOREA(JAPANESE subtitle)/International Premier/21min

Min-jeung and Hanna are unknown actresses and live together. They both like Jun Ho but they don’t know each other’s feelings.

Three of them went to the beach together by car and Jun Ho was writing a song using a headphone.

Suddenly, it was all smelly inside a car; someone must have farted. Min-jeung thought it was Hanna but Hanna thought it was Min-jeung. Which one would it be? One of them was acting for her life.

Cast & Staff

Seul-woo Hyung
Hyun-yul Cho
Byung-ik Ju
Dae-keun Jo
Hyun-sang Kim
Ju-eun Kim
Kwang-woo Lee

Min-jeung Kim, Hanna Kim, Hyeong-Rae Cho

Directer's Profile

Born in 1987. Winner of the Governor of Hokkaido Award with her first short film <Wall> at the Yubari International Fantastic Film Festival 2010. Worked as an assistant director in an independent film. This film <Allergy> won the grand prize at the Fukuoka Independent Film Festival.

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