Eternal Promise

Eternal Promise


2016/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/14min

One day, a sick mother gives her daughter an assignment. Her daughter tries hard to complete the assignment despite the hardship. What feelings does she want to convey to her daughter?

Cast & Staff

【Director / Screenplay/ Editor】 Koji Akai
【Producer】Joji Tabata, Hiroki Terai
【Cinematographer】Satoru Yasukawa
【Recording】Reisho Kashiwame
【Sound】Akihiko Numata
【Music】Jun Sasaki
【Production manager】Kento Sudo
【Special Thanks】Hiroyuki Yamada, Hiroko Yamada, Akiko Kashiwame, Megumi Ozaki
【Cast】Hina Soda, Yu Soda, Nanami Ueda, Kazuko Oraku,Maiko Oraku, Reisho Kashiwame, Susumu Fujiwara

Directer's Profile

From Mie Prefecture in 1979.

Graduated from Doshisha University in 2002 and then went to America for studying in School of Theater, Film and Media Arts, Temple University.

Currently working as a director of commercial, advertising and promotion videos after his return to Japan.

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