2016/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/World Premiere/23min

A heroine Nanami cannot find out what she wants to do and spends days shutting herself up in her room.

She meets Kameda who is entirely different from people who she had ever met and is more human than human. Her mind starts to change after she meets him.

Cast & Staff

[Director] Ryo Onodera
[Script writer] Ryo Onodera, Hikari Kimura
[Producer] Mayuko Amanashi
[Cinematographer/lighting technician] Fumiya Kusakabe
[Assistant cinematographer/lighting technician] Daichi Hayashi
[Music] Ikirusoumen
[Sound operator] Kento Ogawa
[Editor] Masafumi Kuroda
[Costumer] Ryohei Matsuda
[Makeup & hairstyling artists] Hirono Enokido, Marie Shimizu
[Still photographer] Kisshomaru Shimamura
[Assistant producer] Yukiko Murakami
[Associate producer] Gen Nakazawa

Mai Kiryu
Yusaku Mori
Juri Ihata, Mika Ushio

Directer's Profile

Born in Fukushima in 1993. Made his directional debut with this film after serving as an assistant director in many films and music videos. Also started a career as a photographer by taking photos of actors and actresses appeared in this film, which were put on the cover and opening pages of the magazine “Uni-Share” and were displayed in a photo exhibition held in Omotesando Hills.

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