A Girl Untouchable

A Girl Untouchable


2016/JAPANESE(ENGLISH subtitle)/16min

Shun and Tatsuya, who are high school students preparing for university entrance exams, visit a temple lodging in the deep mountain to find a place where they can concentrate on their study. However, Shun was fascinated by a priestess named Nagi there.

Cast & Staff

Hidetaka Komukai
Keigo Kato
Nobuhiko Kubota
[Cinematographer/Make up]
Konosuke Yoshida
[Sound Recording]
Shoko Tajima/Rinka Machida
[Assistant Director]
Sara Ogawa/Chihiro Yoshida/Daichi Shiraiso

Directer's Profile

Born in Iwate in 1988. His film was nominated at the Tokyo Student Film Festival 2012 when he was in Waseda University. Currently, he works for a press company in Tokyo.

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