2016/FRENCH(ENGLISH Subtitles)/Japanese Premiere/12min35sec

Cast & Staff

[Director / Screenwriter]
Pascal Thiebaux
Gil Pinheiro
Laurent Witz
Serge Benasuti
Mathieu Alvado
[Animation Supervisor, Co-producer]
Mickael Coedel

Daniel Abelanski
Mathieu Clement-Lescop
Frederique Bel

Directer's Profile

Born in 1968, Pascal THIEBAUX has worked in the animation world for almost 20 years as a Story-Boarder, Artistic Director and Director. He has worked on multiple animated TV series, in 2D and 3D.
Pascal has been collaborating with Zeilt Productions for a long time and had the privilege to be the Artistic Director on "Mr Hublot", the Oscar Winning Animated Short in 2014.
"Quenottes"(Pearlies) is his fifth Short as a Director.

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