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2015/FRENCH(ENGLISH Subtitles)/Japanese Premiere/16min

On a cold autumn night, a sordid creature visits Julie.

Shaken, the young girl finds refuge in the arms of her older brother Felix.

Consumed by fear, Julie asks Felix to lend her a hand to get rid of this disturbing visitor.

Cast & Staff

[Director / Screenwriter] Daniel Duranleau
[Cinematographer] Glauco Bermùdez
[Editor] Hubert Hayaud
[Producer] Sandrine Berger
[Sound Designer] Andreas Mendritzki
[Music] Guillaume Houde
[Art Director] Marie-Eve Bolduc
[Creature Designer] Éric Thivierge

Estelle Fournier
André Kasper
Catherine Renaud
Jean-Daniel Roy
Jean-Robert Quirion

Directer's Profile

Born in 1984, Daniel Duranleau is a Canadian filmmaker based in Montreal. Self-taught man, he acquired his knowledge on many film sets throughout the last 10 years. Mizbrük is his first film.

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